Patient 1 received MSCs earlier during her disease compared to patient 2 and had a better response in terms of seizure-free time after each of the various doses. It is tempting to speculate that the effectiveness of MSCs in RE may depend on stage of disease, preferably in the initial moments when more inflammation is present. Given the localized nature of RE and our previous experience with intra-arterial administration of MSCs within the brain vasculature , we chose this route to enhance the effects of the cell therapy. We did not have any acute adverse effect, evidencing that the procedure is feasible and repeated infusions are possible. Others have used the intravenous or the intrathecal routes for administration of MSCs in neurological diseases, with excellent safety profiles . We did not find any side effects in the long-term follow up of these two patients, for as long as 5 years. The administrations were well tolerated, and no adverse effects were seen after infusions.
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Brain material obtained after surgery of patient 1 who underwent hemispherectomy for treatment of Rasmussen encephalitis was fixed in 10% neutral formalin. Paraffin-embedded section were cut at 3 μm and stained for hematoxylin-eosin. Several polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies were used for immunohistochemical studies.
Blood tests were repeated and the seizure diary was checked once a month. A Conners Continuous Performance Test (CPT-3), computerized assessment of time perception to assess aspects of attention, was performed before the first MCS infusion, and twice afterwards by the patient 1. Cell infusions were performed through selective internal carotid angiography of the affected hemisphere, using a transfemoral approach. We used a 4F catheter positioned in the cervical section of the internal carotid artery, and infussed the cell suspension during 10 minutes. The catheter was retrieved after the procedure and the femoral access compressed. No complications were reported, neither neurological nor at the access point.

A typical autism treatment protocol takes about 5 days and involves blood tests and physical examination. Intravenous infusions of the mesenchymal cells are then administered. Thousands of patients have received infusions of plasma in the months since, while researchers waited for the data. The new study is one of the first well-designed clinical trials to show that the therapy has some benefit. “That’s kind of what we have been looking for, in terms of really having evidence,” said Dr. Boghuma Kabisen Titanji, an infectious disease physician at Emory University who was not involved in the research. The images of multinucleated CD68 positive intravascular cells suggest phagocytoses of rests of MSCs by macrophages, which may explain the fate of infused MSCs.
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Therefore, human MSCs may target the damaged brain tissues of these patients through the same mechanisms that use pathogenic T lymphocytes . Bone marrow MSCs were obtained from the iliac crest of patients. Briefly, mononuclear cells were obtained by Ficoll gradient centrifugation (400 g, 25 min, 20 °C) and cultured in complete Dulbecco’s modified Eagle’s medium supplemented with 10% fetal bovine serum and 1% penicillin–streptomycin (P/S, Gibco).
coli endotoxin induces a significant reduction in the follicular concentrations of LH receptors. This reduction 'per se' might be sufficient to compromise ovulation and lead to cyst formation, although a direct action of LPS on LH receptor has not been demonstrated. The mechanism whereby endotoxin affects LH receptors remains to be elucidated. Our results indicate, however, that cortisol might not be involved.